Pursuing the Bloodsword of Baphomet

from by Priests of Ba'al

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Through the infernal portal
Past the final circle
Beyond forbidden dimensions
A magnificent treasure awaits

I alone have deciphered
The beautiful secret
The hidden mystery of
The key to untold atrocity

An ancient weapon
Forged in cosmic birth
Channeling the radiant essence
Of the primordial Fire

Embarking upon
Thought impossible journey
The trials of Baphomet
Ruination for naive fools

Yet pure is my resolve
Erudite cosmic wisdom
Pitch black obsidian soul

At the gate I stand fearless
Preparing the ritual
Awaiting the trial
In total silence

Eldritch current
Consumes the chamber
In agonizing pain
Enveloped in fire
What have I done?

My mind unleashed
From the weak human shell
Awareness of thought and being
United - at last

As I descend into the majestic landscape
Pillars of fire and blood
Stretch to the infinite horizon

A labyrinth beyond comprehension
Where time stands still
Have long I've navigated these passages
Impossible to tell

Love, compassion and empathy fade
Like a dream of my life before death
As I seize my destiny
I turn to those who stand in my path

A spiritual weapon
Forged in cosmic birth
My disembodied hand
Grips it with triumphant rage

Victorious I rise
The heavens are cleaved
Ragged, infected wounds
Bleeding and helpless

Transcendent carnage
Boundless wrath
Conquering realms even higher
I have yet only begun


from Divining the Akashic Records for Satanic Apotheosis, released September 21, 2014



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Priests of Ba'al

We are a symphonic black metal band from the USA. We're inspired by bands such as Emperor, Moonsorrow, Windir, Dark Funeral, and many others. We appreciate all art that combines darkness, beauty and majesty and we strive for that in our music.

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