Rediscovery of Forbidden Knowledge

from by Priests of Ba'al

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The desires of men
Weak and feeble flesh
Defile the spirit
With pursuit of mortal power

Wealth of a dozen empires
Flesh of a thousand whores
Might of a million armies
For which men would sell their souls

Far I have traveled
Into the darkest depths
Untold atrocities
I commit

Under dim candlelight
I strive to piece together
Riddles in ancient tongues
Tales of wisdom across time

Concepts long forgotten
Tomes of forbidden knowledge
Hidden from the light
Buried under aeons of dust

Though my body is weary
My mind never rests
The darkness has taken me
Together at last

Nebulous black forms
Haunt my sleep
Voices that once frightened me
Now bring me comfort

Guides on my journey
To the road less traveled
Unlocking the secret
To attain equality with God

Silence is golden
They open that which is closed
The lost word keeps the secret

Fate is not the same for all
In Vain
I am enriched by death

The disciple surpasses the master
Virtue lies defeated
From darkness comes light

One by one
The riddles are revealed
The shapes that haunt my dreams
Emerge from the moving shadows

With horror I realize their faces are mine
Eyes flickering with fire spoke inside my mind

“Come Mortal. The time is soon at hand.
Claim your true destiny and bring balance to the plan.
Sacrifice your flesh to us and pass through the crimson gate.
When your thoughts are unleashed the carnage will be great!”

With a silent word it is done
A dark chill spreads
Through every living being
A harbinger of despair
All is lost
Eternal victory of darkness


from Divining the Akashic Records for Satanic Apotheosis, released September 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Priests of Ba'al

We are a symphonic black metal band from the USA. We're inspired by bands such as Emperor, Moonsorrow, Windir, Dark Funeral, and many others. We appreciate all art that combines darkness, beauty and majesty and we strive for that in our music.

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